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Melissa Krechmer

Therapy offers clients an opportunity to have a consistent space to prioritize your mental health. My experience as a fat, Jewish, white queer woman informs how I interact with the world.  My training and experience in social work provides a widened lens to view mental health distress as part of systems of oppression, shame, and rage.

I created this practice, mk therapy, in order to provide a space that believes in affirming and celebrating queer and trans identities. I specialize in working with fat identified folks who are in recovery and healing from fatphobic familial and cultural structures. I have additional interests in working with people coming into queer and trans identities later in life, intergenerational and ancestral trauma, as well as religious and spiritual trauma.

Our unique internal worlds also impact our mental health and the intuitive ways in which we navigate trauma and life challenges. It is my belief in embracing the complexity of our individual and collective identities that informs my style of therapy.

Headshot of Melissa Krechmer in her office

mk therapy is a woman and queer-owned business operating out of Center City Philadelphia.

PA State License #CW19879

Telehealth appointments available

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230 S. Broad Street, Suite 1903
Philadelphia, PA 19102